Ankal Knits - Embroidery Unit established in the year of 2000 by A.Gopalakrishnan - Proprietor of the Unit with One 20 Head machine with rented premises.

By proving our Quality and Prompt service, within 3 Years we are able to reach 4 Machines during end of 2003 and also we have moved with our own Premises.

As per the International Market, we understand the requirement of Special Embroideries like Single Color Sequins, Double Color Sequins, so we have installed additionally Sequins machines to provide better service and value added garments to our customers.

Ofcourse, after our Special Machine Establishment we approached the volume Exporters in Tirupur and Bangalore who were doing more than 100 Crores per annum.  The Exporters also very much satisfied with our Quality and approached, so we were success by proving our prompt service and quality to the Exporters.

For update of our Embroidery Industry the overseas buyers request to make from Two Color with High speed sequins Embroidery and also various special embroidery like taping, cording, coiling and Looping etc.,  Infact, the Export buyer was request their customer’s for doing complicated appliqué orders by using laser cutting machines.  Ofcourse, we understand their requirement and we installed whatever  their requirement during 2006 & 2007.  

As per the International Market during 2008 & 2009 we have increased our special machines from Double Color Sequins to Four Color Sequins as a first machine to Indian Market.

For offering the prompt service and Quality Embroidery to our customers with our special machines, the details as follow

1)Four Color Embroidery Machines where we can do from 3mm to 9mm and at the same time 4 sizes (ie) 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6.8mm and 9mm.
2)Special Cording, Looping, Taping, Chenile, Frill, Coiling, beats it is possible by using our specialized machines.
3)Special Embroidery area (ie) (1500x400)W, (1200x400)W, (1200x330)W and (1000x550)S available for doing all over Embroidery for Home Textiles, Made-ups and Cur-tons.
4)Special Laser Cutting Machines available to complete complication orders on various types of Appliques.
5)Chinelie Embroidery Machines where we can do Chinelie and Looping along with Sequins.

Our Total machinery - 14 Numbers, the details as follows

1.  Two Color Sequin Embroidery Machine      - 136 Heads   -  8 Mc s
2.  Chenille Embroidery Machines                     -   14 Heads   -  2 Mc s
3.  Laser Bridge Applique Cutting Machine      -   38 Heads   -  2 Mc s
4.  Taping with Cording, Coiling                         -   12 Heads   -  1 Mc
5.  Four Color Sequins                                         -   18 Heads   -  1 Mc